Released RedBot 1.1.5

What’s new in RedBot 1.1.5:

  • Fix templates with non latin chars, fix missing queue error
  • Added sortable option to contents table, added migrations
  • Improved templating in Message node (i.e., use of {{msg.myVariable}}
  • Improved Queue node, fixed error missing chatbotId in SQLite context
  • Fixed global imports in Mission Control for Mass Contact plugin

Plugins update:

  • Mass Contact v1.2.1: Send message to all users of the chatbot. Improved with use of MC Queue node
  • Help Pages v1.0.1: Implement help section in the chatbots, edit help pages in Mission Control with Markdown editor

To install plugins, open Mission Control (http://yourbot:1880/mc), go the Plugins sections and click install. Some plugins may required a sub-flow to be installed in Node-RED