Released RedBot 1.0

A new version of RedBot was released today, the biggest change is Mission Control: a persistance layer and pluggable control panel for RedBot’s bots.

Key features:

  • Storage for inbound and outbound messages (SQLite)
  • Chatbot user management and persisted chat context (SQLite)
  • Admins management with multiple roles
  • Basic Content Management System with custom fields
  • Chatbot simulator
  • GraphQL endpoint to access SQLite database
  • New Node-RED nodes (MC GraphQL, MC Simulator, etc)
  • Plugins repository for additional features
  • Pluggable and open architecture
  • Docker image

Read more about this new release here

Currently have Node-Red as add-on through HA.

Attempting to get mission-control option to pop up within Nodes but can’t seem to get it into env variable/then install. HA setup on Rpi4 standalone so no docker available to install that way and unable to install through terminal.

Help would be greatly appreciated (newbie alert)

Hi, try this

The problem is that HA is running on Arm and not all dependencies have binaries for Arm, then a compilation is needed, but the default container that runs the installation doesn’t have all the stuff to run a compilation.

There’s now a Docker image for RedBot (guidone/redbot) it’s compiled for arm and amd (don’t know if it works on a RP)